We create movies in different formats, depending on the needs of our clients.
Projects created with passion
VR Movies
HTC Vive Oculus Rift

The newest and for many, the most incredible format. Our movies are designed with Vritual Reality in mind. We know that for many people it is a new experience and we want everyone to feel very comfortable wearing VR set.

Also we are pushin the boundries and our movies has the most advance graphic on the market.

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360 Movies
Dome Screens

Spherical films were shown mostly in places like planetariums but nowdays they are getting more popular, thanks to the GearVR platform. You have the freedom to freely look around and you are not limited to view from just one angle.

We are able to prepare movies for individual requests for planetariums, cinemas with dome screens, multiprojector systems and many others.

Offer 360, dome - Split Light Studio
3D Movies
... Cinemas

Traditional format in 3D cinemas. We don`t use any tricks for convertion to 3D. Every film is made with two, separated cameras for the best quality. We take into account to have great 3D effects and feel the depth of the whole movie, not to see just the few scenes.

Each production contains excellent 5.1 audio track.

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