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Adventure | Action

Pirates VR

Pirates VR Jolly Roger is a game alluding to old stories of the all-time most famous Pirates. The journey into the pirate world begins on a deserted island. Despite its extraordinary charm, the land hides a number of secrets and mysteries to be solved as well as obstacles and traps. The game is filled with an array of surprises. It is a real adventure with elements of horror and awe. The culminating point of the game is when the player finds the hidden treasure searched for by the pirates and learns about the history of our ancestors.

Elements of horror:

  • cursed grotto and surprises;
  • fights with enemies and demons of the pirates and the dead;
  • secret mysteries and spine-chilling twists of action;
  • pirate shipwreck and its decomposition;
  • escape form predatory sharks, duels with bats and other dangerous creatures.

A picturesque environment full of terror:

  • picturesque scenery of the Caribbean;
  • beautiful and dangerous wildlife;
  • a deserted, wild and mysterious island;
  • dynamically changing weather conditions;
  • rich and eye-catching vegetation of the tropical jungle.

About the game

Pirates VR is a linear gameplay in virtual reality set on a mysterious island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. The objective of this fascinating adventure, full of astonishing moments and twists in the plot, is to a find the hidden treasure. During the game the player will face multiple challenges, getting through a dense jungle, climbing high cliffs, crossing obscure cave corridors and sea depths. They will solve puzzles as well as face lurking dangers.

The story

Just like Robinson Crusoe, you find yourself on the mysterious island among tropical vegetation, rocky cliffs and wonderful views. You are accompanied by an intelligent and hilarious parrot that provides you with valuable tips and helps you gain new skills and, most of all, worm your way into finding the great treasure. The origins of the story are recalled in a nearby wreck of a beautiful pirate ship, which was badly damaged in a ferocious storm. Splashed by waves with shredded sails streaming in the wind, it spurs the hero to get on board. This will be quite a challenge but a series of adventures amongst the breath-taking surroundings and the incredible underwater world will surely compensate for the effort.
Trudging towards your goal, you will need to fight your way through a dense jungle, steep rocks and mysterious caves. While travelling around, you should be prepared to encounter the ghosts of the pirates’ victims as well as zombie pirates who are repenting for their bad actions in the prison dungeons.
Are you ready for an enormous pirate adventure, breath-taking views and jeopardizing dangers?